A till V

A to Z

Bath and sauna available at the various hotels in the area, in Ljusnan are many natural whirlpools and some sandy beaches. Sauna in each cabin.

Child is important and cot, stair gate and high chair available in the cottage if you told about this when booking.

Bjärvlyan is a störrös located between Össjön and Ljusnan beyond Ramundberget and available for Bjärvbyns guests. It is equipped as störröset in Bjärvbyn and your house key fits the lock. Think about the next guest and leave störöset in the same condition as you will find it.

Fire such should occur, there are fire extinguishers in every cabin (located under the stairs) and an evacuation plan with marked exits and assembly points.

Books available in each cottage and it’s just to read time, you do not finish reading you will raise the book and reads clearly and send it back to us or pays SEK 50 in the Alpine Ring / Macken so is the book you.

DVD available in each cottage. A limited selection of movies available in the bodega. Otherwise, there are movies to rent at Alpine Ring / Macken. Fuel is good and done in the stoves for a nice heat, see the firing instructions in manual binder.

Fishing Ljusnan (400 meters south west from Bjärvbyn) or in lakes in the area, fishing and tips on Alpine Ring / Macken. Tännäs fish center is also a hot tip. Golf’s fun and it’s surrounding area 2 courses for despair and rejoice at.

Grilling Between “Kari Knallen” and “Horse Kläppen” is a barbecue hut “störrös”. It is for Bjärvbyns guests to use. Booking List on the bulletin board in the “bodega” in “Storskarven”.

Internet Wireless broadband is available Bjärvbyn. Fiber connection in every house (Bahnhof)

Hunting can be arranged in most forms, contact Stefan / Creativity Company for further info.

Conferences and arrangement, we love to get involved with, if interested please contact Stefan on Creativity Company so we tailor this for you upon request.

Hot tub Wood burning tubs are outside “Cormorant”. Instructions and booking list is on the notice board in the “bodega”

Cross country Length from skiing Mecca is where you are right now and the connection to the Nordic ski system (30 mil groomed trails) is at Bjärvbyns turning place at Svalåkläppen just to herd and throw themselves into the system.

Heater available to each house, instructions in motorvärmarboxen or in Owner’s Manual binder. Parking 2 seats to each house there (see map Bjärvbyn) for more parking, use the turning point.

Sledges and is at the waxing and just borrow theyre free, hung and put back after use.

Snow removal takes place on the path of municipal cars before 9.00am at a snow depth of 8 cm, the area in general before 12.00 and for its own entrance and staircase is responsible to himself.

Snowmobile there are many companies that rent out, all snowmobiling in the ski trails is prohibited and the area is a great snowmobile trail system (for a fee) to access the snowmobile system follow the track that starts at the snowmobile parking area behind the levees / woodshed and connect to the system at the Mountain Ring / Macken. Respect to snowmobiling not permitted among the cabins.

Garbage is inevitable but still a problem. Therefore, sorting performed in absolute greatest extent possible. Outside wood / waxing bench are four waste bins for household waste, opposite Delight Vallen is a sorting station where batteries, paper, plastic, cardboard / corrugated paper and glass can be supplied. If you do not wish to return your return cans / bottles you can put them on the appropriate shelf in the woodshed. Cleaning can be ordered at Alpine Ring / Macken, tel 0684-200 29, no later than 3 days before departure alt. by Destination funäsdalen (reservations). For those of you who cleans himself see cleaning instructions.

TV you can watch after a long and good utomhusdag and then there’s the digital TV with Canal Digital’s offering.

Laundry Room is located under the “Cormorant” instructions and booking list is on the notice board in the bodega.

Downhill is fun and can be done in several places in the area (the closest is Ramundbergets runs 8 km). In order to facilitate your travel to the different stations operate a ski bus area for Bjärvbyn is a stop directly above the hill.

Dikes Boden is for you and is used by your cabin key, for everyone’s comfort, leave the store in the same condition as you will find it then clean and stylish. Boden is isolated and in it there is a heater that you can use if you do not work warm.

Firewood found in the woodshed and key hire you on Fjällservice / Macken for 450 SEK / week (recommended if you must bathe in the tub), otherwise sell Fjällservice / Macken occasional sacks..

Ventilation necessary and to-air in all bedrooms, first floor grilles and the downstairs freschventiler these are closed when you arrive and you open them at will, was friendly and close upon departure. The exhaust air is done automatically through the toilets and entrance hall. The main cabin is ventilated when you use the hood